Mobile Apps

Augmented Reality

We will move your business to the innovative world of Augmented Reality. The presentation of your products and services will take on a new dimension and you will gain more customers.

Utility applications

Do you need customized mobile application, and a mobile website is not enough? We can create an Android and iOS app especially for you.

Mobile games

Mobile devices serve not only useful things but also entertainment! With the engaging mobile game, your brand will become more popular among your users.

UX/UI design

You already have a mobile app, but your customers do not want to use it? We will look at the new graphic design and analyze what your users really need.

Websites and on-line systems


Having your own website is a marketing obligation today! We will prepare for you aesthetic and useful web site immediately adapted for mobile devices (RWD).

On-line systems

If you need something more than a static site, please contact us. We make variety of internet applications that you can access from anywhere on the earth.

On-line shops

Sell your products online. We will design for you a professional on-line shop that fits to your needs, with internet payments, invoicing and storage.

Content creation

If you have hundreds of products, but no one to enter and describe in the online store this is the right address. We will take pictures, add descriptions so you will have goods to sell.

LED Screen Management and Digital Signage

LED Screen Management

We create content management software for LED screens. Dynamic ads display, weather, news and other content is no problem for our software.

Electronic scoreboards

We design LED scoreboards for practically every sport: football, tennis, speedway, rugby, grass hockey, taekwondo and much more.

Digital Signage systems

If you have a network of several LED or LCD screens, we will match an appropriate software to manage them over the internet. One click and all screens are under control.

Sports sorftware

We create software to assist the work of judges of all sports. Registration and display of scoreboard and match progress on the screen.

Custom solutions

Custom software

We deal with many aspects of computer science. If you have an unusual problem that requires a combination of multiple hardware and software platforms, please email us!

Image recognition

We offer solutions for pattern recognition in camera image, OCR systems, face recognition and photo-inventories. Programmable video signal processing has no secrets for us!

Measuring devices

If you need to do measurements of unusual size and physical parameters, please contact us. We design and produce non-standard measuring devices.

Robotics and electronics

We deal with microprocessor programming and the design and manufacture of electronic circuits and various specialized devices.

Software for water supply and sewerage companies

Usage prediction systems

We support work in water supply and sewerage companies. We design billing, forecasting and optimization systems for water and wastewater.


Invoices can also be provided to customers directly at their email address. Contact us and we will prepare an e-invoicing system well-fitted to your accounting program.

Water meter software

Every water meter verification procedure must produce a printed “water meter check table”. Check out our dedicated software for this purpose.


Mapping is required for teams operating in the field. Our GIS software enables pipes and network inventory, object mapping and multi-layer map operations.

You want to use our services?

All that we offer above can be done specially for you!